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Athletes and Celebrities RAVE About BEMER

Over one million people all over the world are already using BEMER today! BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Imagine being better tomorrow than you are today…

Athletes Using Bemer

Bart Starr


Nadia Comanici and Kristi Yamaguchi


Nancy Kerrigan

Main Benefits and Features of BEMER

  • A globally operating company

  • Hundreds of employees around the world

  • Founded in 1990 as a family business in Europe

  • Involved in many sponsorships and charity programsr

  • Provide a a 24-hour service center

  • Opportunity to become a BEMER Distributor

  • Thousands of independent representatives worldwide

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • Over a million clients!

  • Used by Olympic competitors

  • Used by International sports teams

  • State-approved medical devices in South America

  • State-approved medical devices in Asia

  • Listed in U.S. National Library of Medicine’s medline and premedline database

  • We offer a 3 years of guaranteed functionality warranty

  • Improve your life in 16 minutes!

  • BEMER applications boost the blood flow

  • BEMER applications benefit the body’s cardiac system

  • BEMER applications have regenerative abilities and boost mental acuity

  • The Power of the BEMER Signal

  • Ongoing studies since 1998

  • BEMER owns five global patents

  • BEMER research has received numerous scientific awards

  • Just two 8-minute sessions per day are needed

  • Improve your circulation!

  • Complete personal and professional solution for improving your well being

  • BEMER Offers a New Veterinary Line

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Clients Love BEMER!

We are fully dedicated to the health and wellness of our clients. We offer 24/7 customer support and have over 1,000,000 users worldwide and counting. You cannot go wrong with BEMER innovative products. Check out what our users are saying about BEMER!

“The BEMER Is a Loyal Companion”

“The BEMER is a loyal companion of Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel – at home, in the training camp or during World Cup races all over the globe. It is a regeneration method that has become truly indispensable in high-performance sports.” – SCOTT ODLO MTB Team

I have been using BEMER for quite some time and am convinced that the treatment has greatly relieved the injuries I sustained during the last few years. I often have back pain and bruises – especially very painful and protracted bruising caused by my ski shoes. I use BEMER to alleviate this and notice that my injuries heal considerably more quickly with BEMER than without it. I have been pleasantly surprised many times to find that I can regenerate far more quickly with BEMER after tough training sessions, making it possible for me to train more intensively.

Tina Weirather, World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

“BEMER had me convinced from the very first moment. Better endurance and decreased risk of injury are deciding factors in professional sports. Victory, or forgettable runner-up status; these decide who writes history and who has to take their place among the masses. Those who know me know where I’m coming from. On the strength of my conviction, I’ve decided to broaden my focus and share my experiences of BEMER with my fellow athletes. BEMER has become indispensable. Whether in elite sports. Or in my personal life.”

Marc Girardelli, World Cup Alpine Ski Racer

Günter Traub is a graduate sports teacher and former top athlete. He has set 15 world records and won 4 world champion’s titles in speed skating and roller skate racing. Today he is a fitness expert and pioneer in the area of alpine mobility training. At the age of 75, he is taking up high-performance sports again. Big names and VIPs have profited from Günter Traub’s knowledge, such as world champion Michael Schumacher, Spanish King Juan Carlos, the artist Nikki de St. Phalle and the publisher Hubert Burda.

Günter Traub, World Champion Speed Skater

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